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Yoga 1

Building a strong base practice with sun salutations and stability in postures. This session involves a longer warm up, detailed explanation of proper alignment for support and safety with an extended final relaxation.

Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 am
*See Note Below

Yin Yoga

Strengthening our bones and deeper connective tissues to enhance the range of motion in our joints. Bringing awareness to our mind-body connection through gentle pressure, stability and breath. Most of these postures are on the floor.

Wednesday at 9:00 am


Allowing our mind and body to realign and re-energize through breath and relaxation. Gentle supported postures with the use of props and awareness of breath help keep us in mental and physical balance.

Friday at 9:00 am

*Thursdays immediately following Yoga 1 beginning Thursday, August 24th: Meditation and Mindfulness... Discovering a deeper sense of self and life through breathing, listening and experiencing with nonattatchment and no judgement. Optional 20 minutes.

Walk-ins = $12  |  5 classes = $55  |  10 Classes = $100  |  Credit cards are accepted.
$5 Yoga for any person with Military Identification or proof of service in appreciation for their dedication to everyone's right to freedom around the world.
We are grateful.